How many uses of Gajar can you possibly think of? None is close to this one! There’s a unique product flooding the market called Gajar 2.0. Yes. The new avatar of a Gajar and also of nimbu-mirchi. The big deal? It saves lives. No. Not by drinking carrot juice or eating it. This Gajar is supposed to be hung in the car to reap maximum benefits.

The Gajar With “Magical” Features

Yes. That’s what you get under layers of fancy packaging. One fresh carrot! The funny part is, people are actually trying it. And according to “experts” who have conceptualised the product, Gajar 2.0 is the ultimate solution to all your driving bad lucks.

Those who believe in nothing but the magic of “technology” aren’t too happy.

The Gajar With “Magical” Features
The Gajar With “Magical” Features

“We have been in the car gadgets’ business for years now and I’ve never heard something so strange. We have built products on technology and not superstition! For instance, you can plug our Carot device in your car and it locates your car, helps with safety of your car and family. It provides better car diagnostics and a host of other benefits. But our device is a gadget based on science, not a totka!” says Shruti Yadav, Product Owner at Minda iConnect.

We got in touch with the Indian Horoscope Council to know more. They revealed how the process of creating this Gajar was all about powers from nature. The underlying concept is the healing power of nature. Wondering how? So are we.

Love it or hate it, there’s no ignoring the phenomenon. So I’m giving myself two days with the Gajar. Let’s see what it can do. Want to try it too?

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