Right Repair Decisions At The Right Time For Total Happiness

Right Repair Decisions At The Right Time For Total Happiness Ft. Dr. Fixit

I often talk about things, activities and ideas that can add to one’s wellbeing, sharing suggestions to help you keep your family and society healthy and happy. Today, I am going to talk about something that is real and relevant to each one of us. But before I begin, I want you to take a look around you and observe your surroundings. If you are inside your house or in some interior space, look at the walls, the window panels, door and everything around you.

If you are wondering as to why I am asking you to do so, the reason is because I am going to talk about the interiors of home today. Be it one’s own happiness or society’s bliss on a whole, it all has a direct connection with the decisions that we make for our homes. And right repair decisions at the right time make one of the most important decisions we make for our homes.

Right Repair Decisions At The Right Time For Total Happiness
Right Repair Decisions At The Right Time For Total Happiness | image:tumblr

We often hear about building collapsing and home ceilings falling. All this has put a spotlight on the number of precariously standing structures across the country.

Building failures can be categorised into structural failures and application failures. If you follow me on my social channels, you must be knowing that I recently attended Pidilite’s panel discussion. This panel discussion by Pidilite about building a healthy society was really a good experience. Interaction with Mr Prakash Mathur, the Deputy Director of Dr. Fixit Institute, Mr Ramesh Prabhu, Chairman of MSWA, Mr Pankaj Shah, Repair and Structural Consultant and Ms Kanika Bawa, Celebrity Architect and Installation Artist was really great. Came to know about so many things that I was completely unaware of. For instance, did you know that if expenses to repair a water leakage problem due to structural anomaly has to be borne by the managing committee of the society? If not paid by the committee, residents can complain to Municipal Corporation regarding the same. Quite an important information, Isn’t it?

The industry experts believe that most of the building collapses in India are due to the use of substandard materials, lack of know-how about materials and inadequate supervision in constructing multi-storey structures. Therefore, CHS’s should undergo structural audit within specified timelines so that the structure can be accurately diagnosed for damages and other aspects that lead to the weakening of a building. This means less expenditure since the remedial action is initiated when the damage is still in its initial stage.

Right Repair Decisions At The Right Time For Total Happiness
Right Repair Decisions At The Right Time For Total Happiness

Building repairs and maintenance are vital elements that contribute to sustaining a structure for a longer duration. One should realise it’s not only the external beauty of a building that should be looked upon, it’s the strength of a structure that needs to be checked for, for a building to stand the test of time.

Dr. Fixit provides innovative surface wise waterproofing solutions that not only offers the benefits of aesthetics but also keep the building safe from any possible leakages and offers a respite from the heat in summers as well. The innovative products that assist in perfect waterproofing for a long lasting structure include Dr. Fixit Newcoat, Dr. Fixit Dampguard, Dr. Fixit Raincoat and its specialist range of Structural Repair Products.

Construction chemicals division of Pidilite offers a wide range of solutions such as Waterproofing, Repair Solutions for existing structures and Tile Fixing Solutions. It also offers a host of other applications like Exterior Coatings, Sealants, Concrete Admixtures, Flooring and Grouts to satisfy all construction and repair related needs.

Right Repair Decisions At The Right Time For Total Happiness
Right Repair Decisions At The Right Time For Total Happiness

Dr. Fixit Institute is a Non-Profit Organisation with a mission of enhancing the quality of construction practices. They look forward to training people in the field of construction technology by assisting, encouraging and supporting the professionals to enable them to pursue their commitment to excellence. They have 2 technical support services i.e destructive testing and water leakage diagnosis. Water leakage diagnosis includes inferred cameras and thermographer to evaluate the main cause of the leakage and identify the problem. They offer Tech Chat service where you can directly discuss your problems via chat with the experts.

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