Basic Tea Guide For Beginners
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Basic Tea Guide For Beginners

Tea is among one of the highest consumed beverages in this world and the benefits of this magical portion are limitless. There are several variety of teas that are in market today. Green tea has gained a lot of popularity in recent years because of the high dose of anti-oxidants that the cup delivers. Here is how you can enjoy your cup of tea on every occasion. Hope this basic tea guide for beginners helps!

Basic Tea Guide For Beginners
Basic Tea Guide For Beginners | image:tumblr
  • Start your morning with a cup of green tea. This is a healthy habit and the cup is going to deliver exponential benefits especially if you are trying to lose weight. Accompanied with a perfect breakfast, a cup green tea would proof to be a perfect start of the day.
  • If it is a weekend, book an appointment at a spa and take a cup of Passion tea along with you. Passion tea has a flavour of hibiscus, orange, and rose with a hint of Passion fruit. The tea has magical powers which will help you in draining out all your stress.
  • Before you end your day, make a cup of green ginger tea for yourself. Couple the tea with your dinner and this will help you in a sound sleep along with a great metabolism. The flavours of the tea are unique and the tea compliments the flavours of Asian Cuisine very well.

If you are really fond of tea then you can surely enjoy the tea at any time of the day but a special tea at a special time can do wonders. You can also try different flavours of the tea like you can try the different organic and flower teas to detox yourself. Jasmine Tea is one such tea which provides rich flavour along with a 0 calorie dose of anti-oxidants. Next time you visit the supermarket, do not forget to pick the flavours of your tea.

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