9 Safe Holi Tips You Must Follow

9 Safe Holi Tips You Must Follow

9 Safe Holi Tips You Must Follow

Holi is a festival of numerous enjoyable colours, fun, play & beat. It is also known as the festival of love. Recognised at the beginning of springtime, Holi represents the end of winter season & beginning of springtime. Mostly celebrated in the north part of India, Holi is rated among the major festivities of India. Holi Marks the victory of Good over bad. It is a social activity where people from all strata of the community come together, forget social gaps & enjoy the festival of color, Holi.

9 Safe Holi Tips You Must Follow
9 Safe Holi Tips You Must Follow | image:tumblr

However, the party comes with a certain sense of liability that we must all conform to. Here we are going to talk about Tips or ways to enjoy a Happy & safe Holi. Few Holi Safety Tips and Measures for Wondrous and Vibrant Holi:

1. Always use herbal colors, made by plant results in and it is even better if you use branded colors.

2. Always use tattered outfits such as jeans are suggested and get rid of them just after the festivities.

3. Try to use Full outfits, so dangerous substances included holi colors not achieved delicate parts of the body system.

4. Apply coconut oil on the whole body even on hair also before begins to play with colors.

5. Keep your mouth and eyes firmly shut while someone smeared color on your face. You can also use eyewear to guard eyes against colors.

6. Apply dense covering of fingernail colour on your claws to guard them against colors.

7. Never toss balloons loaded with colored water on anyone, as it may cause some inner injury.

8. To secure teeth from color spots you can use dental cap.

9. Cover you head with hats, hats and bath cap to save hair from dangerous colors.

Some of them should be followed to celebrate a safe Holi.

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