5 Online Tools Every Webmaster Must Use

There a lot of tools available but today I will discuss some most important tools that are need of every webmaster.

5 Online Tools Every Webmaster Must Use
5 Online Tools Every Webmaster Must Use | image:tumblr

1 : Plagiarism Checker

Without unique content your website can not rank, so you must post unique and authentic content to your website. As most of webmasters have hired writers, Do not trust those writers blindly, because it is quite possible you may publish plagiarized content on your website. To prevent it, use plagiarism checker tools that are available online. There are some tools that might help you.


https://wordpress.org/plugins/prepost-seo/ (For wordpress)


2 : Seo Score Checkers

These checkers find mistakes in your webpage so that you can correct them according to the search engines algorithms. These tools are also known as on-page seo tools. Because this tool only defects in your coding and other things like image size, broken links, meta tags, keywords to total words ratio, code to text ratio, etc. Some useful seo score checkers are below.



Seo score checker by Prepostseo.com

3 : Domain and Page Authority Checker

Domain and page authorities of any website could be from 1-100 depending on the quality of a website content, Quality and quantity of backlinks linking to that domain. Page Authority varies from page to page while domain authority and moz rank remain same. To check domain or page authority you can use following tools

Domain Authority Checker by prepostseo.com


4 : Grammar Checkers

Grammar checker is also one of the very useful online tools. It helps writers to check their styling and spelling mistakes in their content. You can also check sentences with these online tools. As google also love quality content on your website, so it is recommended to check all grammatical mistakes in your articles before you make those live.

5 : Broken Links Checker:

Broken links in your website is a red signal for your website ranking in search engines. These tools check each and every link in your website and point out red mark if any broken link found on your website.

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