24 Sure Signs That You Are An Empath

24 Sure Signs That You Are An Empath

An empath is a person who is tremendously sensitive to their surroundings and they can easily feel the energies around themselves. Empathic people are often considered to be compassionate and understanding. They gel easily with the team but the fact is that being empathic can also be mentally tiring. Here are some signs to know if you are an Empath or not –

24 Sure Signs That You Are An Empath
24 Sure Signs That You Are An Empath | image:tumblr

You are an Empath if

  1. You are very sensitive and emotional.
  2. People often tell you that you have a big heart.
  3. You help people with their problems.
  4. You have a lot of mood swings.
  5. You love all kind of animals
  6. You are extremely creative.
  7. You like to spend some time along.
  8. You are a good listener
  9. You want to know the truth even if it can hurt you.
  10. You don’t demand an explanation for each and everything.
  11. You value people and their emotions.
  12. You put other’s need before your own needs.
  13. You believe in selfless and unconditional love.
  14. You try to find the answer of each and everything.
  15. Your feelings towards the people do not change easily.
  16. Your forgive people easily and do not hold grudges.
  17. You cry when you see an emotional scene on TV.
  18. You are a big nature lover.
  19. People seek your advice in case of a problem.
  20. You get easily excited by something.
  21. You are an introvert.
  22. You often get the intuitions about situation.
  23. You suffer from an upset stomach because of emotional stress.
  24. Your presence lightens up the environment.

It is definitely a good thing to be empathic but at the same time it is necessary to balance things as the excess energy can harm you. Sometimes you need to think about yourself before thinking about anyone else.

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