Keeping home neat and clean is really important as it helps in preventing diseases from spreading out and at the same time it also looks more presentable. Soiled utensils and unwashed clothes can spread germs all around and delaying the cleaning will also make it hard to clean. Here are 11 daily routine tips that can help you in keeping your home neat and clean.

11 Simple Daily Routine Tips To Keep Your Home Tidy & Organized
11 Simple Daily Routine Tips To Keep Your Home Tidy & Organized | image:pinterest
  • When you reach home, do not dump your stuff here and there. Rather put the shoes in shoe rack, put the dirty clothes in the laundry bag and so on.
  • Make it a habit to make your bed before you leave for the office. It will hardly take 5 minutes but it will make your room look more organized.
  • Declutter your study table and your side table. Do not keep the stuff that you do not require.
  • Another important thing is dusting. You require to dust and disinfect your house especially if you have kids in the home. Make a fixed schedule for cleaning and don’t postpone the cleaning.
  • Have a dedicated basket to keep all the magazines and newspapers. Create a space for old newspapers until they are recycled.
  • Clean your bathroom at least once in a week and weekends are a good day to complete the task.
  • Use a surface cleaner to clean the tiles of the bathroom. This will help in disinfecting the bathroom.
  • Never leave the soiled dishes for next morning. They can get really smelly.
  • Always dispose the garbage bag on time. Keeping the garbage bag for long will cause rotten food to smell.
  • Most of us create a mess while cooking and the key to a clean and managed kitchen is cleaning while cooking. This will also save a lot of time at the end.
  • Keep a basket for soiled clothes and do not through them around the house.

Following these tips will help you in creating a tidy and well organized living space.

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