Earth hour is about to begin (in like half an hour) and as always, I am super excited for it. Yes, I celebrate it every year and this time, its the 10th year since we started this movement.

For all those who don’t know, Earth Hour is a global World Wildlife Fund climate change initiative. During the Earth Hour, people are encouraged to turn off the lights and everything that consumes energy and is related to technology!

The timings for Earth Hour this year is from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm IST.

Many of my friends asked me what should we should during the Earth hour as they’re asked to turn off tv, laptop, mobile phone, lights etc. Means you will have nothing to do during the Earth hour. Well, if you think the same then I must tell you, YOU ARE WRONG!

There are ENDLESS options for you, just that you are so much into technology that you forget that there is a world beyong that.

Here are 11 fun things to do during Earth Hour:

1) Take a walk… down the road or to the nearby park

2) Talk to your family, friends or neighbors (in-person of course)

3) How about a candle light dinner?

4) Practice yoga or meditation (yes, its a fun thing to do)

5) You can play antakshari and sing songs!

6) Or you can play dark room too

7) Spend time with your pet

8) Play shadow game

9) Organize your closet in the candle light

10) Take a nap

11) And this is my favorite activity- Watch the stars and the moon! Soak in the serenity of darkness

I am all set to join this movement to save our planet. How about you?

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