There is a famous saying, ‘change begins from home’ and today I am going to talk about this saying in literal terms.

But before that, tell me what do you see in the name plates of most of the houses? Mr. Mishra, Mr. Kapoor, Mr. A Lamba and the names of house owners, perhaps all men names. Few house name plates have women names on it. We are in the age of women empowerment. Women are no less than men may it be any field. Therefore, to celebrate the womanhood, Origin Realtors came up with a real estate initiative Atika that is a pure women housing society.

Housing for women is an entire new concept. It is to empower women and help them grow. Atika is a housing project that is made to serve women’s needs. It is a place where women from all the communities would live together form a strong community and help each other in growing in all aspects of life.

Time To Celebrate Housing For Women Ft. Atika By Origin
Time To Celebrate Housing For Women Ft. Atika By Origin | image:favim

Not just this, but security is also a main concern when it comes to women. Here in Atika, they have provided female security and services. This means working women can come back from work freely at any time and live tension with her parents. Working woman or a housewife, every woman deserves respect as they immensely dedicate their hours and minutes in running the house and managing our lives.

I am sure you must be wondering if this is a housing society for women, are men allowed here? Well, yes! Actually this is a women oriented project where anyone can live. For men, it is just a small step to make them understand the amount of efforts a woman puts in order to manage the house and acknowledge them for this. The idea is to respect women but taking a little initiative of having the name of woman of the house on name plates.

Atika is located in Mira Road which is a secure and safe location for women. That means, whether a lady is living with her parents or in-laws or alone, she can be sure of her safety and security in Atika.

In today’s era, women are capable to getting the houses of their own and this is a big thing to acknowledge.

I totally liked the idea of Atika. After all having own name written on the name plate of the house is something that every lady would love to see! In fact, their video that shows women talking about their home lovingly really connected with me, it is so true that women are the ones who make the house a home, so why shouldn’t their name be on the name plate? Why should we limit it to men? Here’s the video, watch it and tell me – don’t you agree it’s time to ‘bring the change’ and have #MyHomeMyName for women?

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