I remember how much I was addicted to SNAKE the game in my old Nokia 3310. I had it when I was in school.

No wonder it’s an iconic handset and deserves all the talks of the world. Nokia 3310 was launched today in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congrss.

HMD Global, a finnish start-up made up of ex-Nokia execs acquired the intellectual property of the company including the branding and technology in order to re-launch the handsets.

Nokia 3310 Returns For Just $52
Nokia 3310 Returns For Just $52 | image:cnbc.com

The highlights of the all new Nokia 3310 are:

1) It has 10 times better talk time that the original model i.e. 22 hours

2) It’s standby mode lasts a month

3) Apart from the original navy blue color, you will have the choice of total 4 colors

4) It has SNAKE too!

5) It’s slimmer than the original model but has the same robustness.

The mobile is expected to release worldwide in the second quarter of 2017.

You’ll be amazed to know that original Nokia 3310 sold over 100 million units. Isn’t it just AMAZING? 100 million units worldwide! Woah!

I just can’t wait to try my hands on this beast!

And yes, along with this  HMD global also released theee new Nokia smartphones too.

So, who is up to buy Nokia’s new 3310?

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