Everyone appreciates a good perfume and there is nothing more appealing than a good smelling person. I am a perfume addict and if you a regular reader of mine, you must be knowing this. I have seen people often make mistakes while purchasing and storing perfume. Therefore I decided to share 9 super tips to help you buy, wear and store perfumes in a perfect way!

9 Super Tips For Buying, Wearing And Storing Perfume
9 Super Tips For Buying, Wearing And Storing Perfume | image:tumblr

Tips for Purchasing:

Use of Blotter – Use a blotting paper while testing the perfume. Do not spray it on your wrist as the scent will confuse you later. Also do not bring the blotter too close to your nose.
Use Coffee Beans – Coffee beans are known to neutralize the odour hence use coffee beans while trying out different perfume
EDP and EDT – Be clear about the difference between EDP and EDT. EDT is not a concentrated perfume where as EDP has a higher concentration level of perfume oil. This determines the longevity of the perfume.
Do not Hurry – While testing perfumes do not make a purchase decision in a hurry. That could turn out to be a blunder.

Tips for Wearing Perfume:

Apply on Pulse Point – Apply the perfume on your pulse points and do not rub your wrists after applying perfume as it can change the structure of the perfume molecules.
Do no sprays on Clothes – A lot of people have a habit of spraying the perfume on their clothes. This is not a good habit at all
Test the Perfume – If you are applying a specific perfume for the first time, test yourself for any skin allergies.

Time for Storing Perfume:

Store in a Dark Place –It is important to store the perfume away from the light as the direct exposure to light can change the smell of the perfume.
Keep it Away From the Heat – Always keep the perfume away from any source of heat as it has the same effect that the light has on perfume.

These small little tips will help your perfumes in lasting longer and at the same time you will be able to make better purchase decision while purchasing a perfume

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