8 Super Exciting Activities To Do With Your Family This Weekend

8 Super Exciting Activities To Do With Your Family This Weekend

8 Super Exciting Activities To Do with Your Family This Weekend

Most of us are eager to start a family and become parents, which is absolutely normal. Pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood are three life phases that most people go through and although at times they can feel magical, it is a routine which most men and women cope with and adapt to. One common misconception is believing that the birth of a baby cannot change the lives of the parents, but rather fit perfectly. Truth being told, kids change people’s lives.

As they grow and finally start going to preschool, kindergarten or school, many parents hope that their 24/7-guardian role comes to an end. But all of a sudden, it’s 21:30 and they can barely keep their eyes open. What happened? Well, pretty much everything. Preparing your kid for school, preparing a lunch bag, taking them to school and getting them back, helping them with the homework, bath time, bedtime and on the top of it – your 9-to-5 job and other adulthood responsibilities. You have enough energy to drag yourself to your bed, kiss your partner goodnight and get a good sleep. The next morning you wake up rested, you simply start this routine all over again.

8 Super Exciting Activities To Do With Your Family This Weekend
8 Super Exciting Activities To Do With Your Family This Weekend | image:wlnls.com

No matter how routinely you go through the day, every day brings a new milestone, new growth and new joy. Sadly, the challenges of today’s parents’ dynamic and uncertain lives prevent them from fully appreciating each and every nuance of their kids’ growth. With so many activities with your kids during the week, it’s hard to spend quality time with them. That’s why you should make the most out of the weekend and do some super-exciting activities with your family.

Instead of hopelessly trying to increase the minutes you spend with your children during weekdays, focus on spending quality time with them and make memorable memories, because quality beats quantity. Here are 8 great activities you can do with your family this weekend to strengthen your bond and have a whale of a time.

Play Social Games

A fun-packed weekend does not necessarily cost a lot of money. Social games such as Family Feud questions and answers are a great way to spend some quality time with all members of your family. This trivia game in particular has a simple game-play: each question has multiple and different answers, from lowest to highest ranking responses. The team to first win 300 points wins the game. If you don’t like this game, there are many other social and board games to choose from, such as Monopoly, Clue the Mystery Game, Tic-Tac-Toe and many others. Find an old-school social game from your childhood and teach a new generation how to play.

Go Camping

Enjoy the outdoors? Then rent an RV, find your tent and plan a camping with your family for this weekend. As simple as that. Sleeping in a tent or an RV is one way to get everyone together in close proximity, but there’s more to it. Going camping will allow you and your family to do activities that you would not normally do at home because of your responsibilities. Telling tales and incredibly funny jokes at night, off-rail hiking, exploring, star-gazing and cooking together away from home, without being interrupted by anything, is a great chance to get closer to each other.

Go for a Bike Ride

What better way to promote good health on a Sunday morning than going for a bike ride with your family? If you’ve already taught your children to ride a bike, map a route together and complete it – no excuses allowed. Choose a new destination to explore each time you go for a bike ride and you’re guaranteed to enjoy this activity. To make it even more fun, pack your lunch bags and end it with a picnic. This is an awesome way to get away from the everyday routine, bond with your family and do something about your health.

Turn Your Home into a Restaurant

If your kids are old enough to know how to spread cream on bread, then make them prepare you and your partner a meal for a change, with your assistance of course. Eating at home with the whole family is special by itself, but your kids will be utterly excited about the opportunity to cook a meal for all. Every kid wants to do what the grown ups do, so it’s very likely that your kid is secretly hoping for a chance to prove their culinary skills. Also, by telling them “You’re cooking tonight!”, they will be looking forward to it all day long.

Watch a Movie and Then Discuss It

Instead of watching “The Amazing Spider-man” (which is super-cool by the way), find a movie that carries a controversial message and can teach your kids a valuable lesson. Watching superheroes saving the world might be very fun, but learning how we, the humans, can actually save the world is much more important. Therefore, find a movie or a documentary about world issues or environmental dangers and stimulate discussion at the end.

Do Some Volunteer Work

Help your kid learn the importance of helping others from young age. Volunteering should not be doing something you don’t like, which is why it’s important to help your kids find the perfect volunteering opportunities. Consider what does your child enjoys most and start from there. For example, if he\she loves animals, you could help an animal shelter petting the animals that are waiting to be adopted. Contributing to your community as a family can not only benefit those in need, but your own family too.

Play Sports

Teaching your kid to love a sport is how a real winner is made. Sports teach kids and adults alike very important lessons, such as discipline, teamwork, motivation and commitment. Although not every kid is a born athlete, every kid deserves a chance to try different sports and find out if sports is what they love and should do. If your kid seems to be very passionate about a particular sport, set a game date for this weekend and play it altogether. Your kid will love that you’re all playing the sport he\she loves. There’s nothing like family support.

Go for a Road Trip

Road trips are always fun, especially with little (or not so little) ones. Nevertheless, they require careful, timely and strategic thinking and a lot of patience. Since getting on the destination is half the fun, it is important to make the traveling as pleasant, calm and fun as possible. Bring a lot of snacks with you, some entertainment units, do some carpool karaoke, play some brain-stimulating games and make often stops to keep your kids entertained during the whole trip. Your tour can be anywhere: from a science museum to relatives visit in another town.


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