7 Interview Mistakes To Avoid The Next You Appear For One

7 Interview Mistakes To Avoid The Next You Appear For One

Every individual faces interviews before getting a job or an admission in an organization and often tend to make mistakes while giving interviews which affects our chances of getting shortlisted for the job or education. Here are 7 interview mistakes that people make which impacts their success rate. Ensure that you do not makes any of these blunders –

7 Interview Mistakes To Avoid The Next You Appear For One
7 Interview Mistakes To Avoid | image:tumblr
  1. Not Researching Enough For the Job – This is a mistake that most of the people does. Not finding out enough about the job or the company makes you sound uninterested for the position.
  2. Lying to the Interviewer – Believe me, Interviewers meet a lot of candidates every day and they can figure out who is lying and who is not. It is in best interest to not to lie and share everything truthfully.
  3. Talking Negatively – Some of the people can talk negative stuff about the previous employers or their colleagues, this is another mistake that can reduce the chances of getting the job exponentially.
  4. Bad body language – Not maintaining enough eye contact or keeping a close body language like crossing the arms or fiddling with the pen gives a wrong impression to the interview and it is highly discouraged to have any of such body language.
  5. Giving wrong answers – Many times interview can ask technical questions and at that time if you do not know the answer, simply say, “I Don’t Know” or use a similar phrase but do not give wrong answers intentionally.
  6. Being unable to explain what you mentioned in Resume – Interviewer may ask you about your strengths and weakness. It doesn’t sounds to be a difficult question but the challenge arises when he asks you to give an example of situation where you displayed that specific strength. Most of the candidates fail to answer such questions.
  7. Asking No Question – At end of the interview, an interviewer will always ask you if you have any question regarding the job. Always keep a question ready to be asked at that time.

This should help you in cracking the next interview you appear for. Be confident and All the Best

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