9 Tips On Wearing Stylish Yet Comfortable Airport Outfits In Winter

I am a frequent traveller, and I am kinda girl who is often spotted in tees and denims. That is because I love to keep it comfy and cool, but that doesn’t mean I don’t focus on style. After all, it’s good to look good and feel good always. And when it comes to travelling during winter, the outfit game becomes real difficult.

Oh by the way, right now I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to board. I clicked a mirror selfie here in the airport washroom, shared it on my social channels and instantly I got messages from few girls asking details about the outfit. Thus, I decided to share few tips on wearing stylish yet comfortable airport outfits in winter!

9 Tips On Wearing Stylish Yet Comfortable Airport Outfits In Winter
Mirror Selfie

So, here you go!

1. Keep it really comfortable because you never know when your flight gets delayed and for how many hours, you have to be in transit!

2. Never wear heels or chappals, especially during winters. Go for sneakers or boots, they are just perfect for winter travel.

3. Jacket is must! Avoid wearing a pull-over or a hoodie.

4. Don’t wear tight jeans. Instead, opt for jeggings or tregging. In the pic that I have shared here, I am wearing denim jegging from Bare Denims. They are comfy and keeps my cozy!

5. Avoid accessorizing too much. It’s a big NO NO during winter

6. Airport layovers are boring and you might end up buying unwanted stuff (like me). Make sure your outfit have enough pockets to hold extra candies and juice cans.

7. Bags are an important accessory. Bags can make or break your look. If your outfit is western, opt for backpacks. (I am a total backpack addict) Backpacks are easy to carry and look really stylish.

8. Don’t wear complicated hairstyle. Keep your hair open, or keep ’em clutched loosey or a messy bun would do, for that matters!

9. …and yes, don’t forget your shades!

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