7 Best Places To Visit In Shillong

Shillong, also known as ‘the abode of clouds’ is a capital city of Meghalaya and one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. This beautiful city is also titled as Scotland of east. If you are looking for a pollution-free and peaceful place for a getaway with your friends and family, then I would highly recommend Shillong.

7 Best Places To Visit In Shillong
7 Best Places To Visit In Shillong | image:HelloTravel

I visited Shillong long time back (when I was in school) but I remember some of the best places to visit in Shillong. In this post, I will be sharing 7 best places to visit in Shillong. So without much due, here you go!

1. Shillong Peak:

Shillong peak is a must-visit place in Shillong. Situated just about 10kms from the main city, it is one of the best picnic spots.

2. Butterfly Museum:

It is a privately owned museum owned by M/s Wankhar, dedicated to moths and butterflies. If you like to experience different things, you must visit this one.

3. Shillong Golf Course:

I personally like visiting Golf courses. Not that I play Golf very well, but I like the serene fields of golf course and spend time there in peace away from the hustle bustle. Shillong golf course is really beautiful.

4. Elephant Falls:

Situated about 12kms from the main city, Elephant falls is another point you must not miss visiting.

5. Wards Lake:

It is an artificial lake locally known as Nan-Polok is a nice place for boating and stuff. There is also a beautiful garden nearby which is worth visiting!

6. Lady Hydari Park:

It’s pretty park with a mini zoo. Kids love this place, trust me!

7. Sweet falls:

Another beautiful waterfall in Shillong, it is also called as Weitden. This is just about 5kms from the happy valley.

So this my list of 7 places to visit in Shillong! If you have visited to Shillong and want to add any other place to this list, share it via comments section below.

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