11 Valentine's Day Activities For Fabulous Singles

11 Valentine’s Day Activities For Fabulous Singles

11 Valentine’s Day Activities For Fabulous Singles

Most of you think being single on Valentine’s day sucks big time! Well, NO! And I can say this because I am single since really a long time and have celebrated Valentine’s day every year in different ways. I don’t hate Valentine’s day and am not really a big fan of it either. For me, it’s just another day and I would be more than happy if I find someone (with someone I mean that someone special) who is less cheesy and more romantic in real sense. With time, I have understood that fine difference between being cheesy and being romantic and hence, I am really not a fan of PDAs. BUT, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s day. Like mother’s day, father’s day, etc even Valentine’s day is a sweet day.

11 Valentine's Day Activities For Fabulous Singles
11 Valentine’s Day Activities For Fabulous Singles | image:tumblr

Oh, I just realized I got a little carried away. Anyway, here are 11 Valentine’s day activities for fab singles out there, just like me!

  1. Binge movie watching (oh this is my favorite activity)
  2. Go shopping (Bang on! Buy gifts for yourself)
  3. Watch FRIENDS or any other fav serial of yours. I like castle too!
  4. Watch YRF romantic flicks like Dil to pagal hai, Mohabbatein etc.
  5. Get a spa treatment done
  6. Solo travel to somewhere new
  7. Celebrate with your friends, go out and party
  8. Take your family out for dinner.
  9. Take your grand ma or grand pa out for date
  10. DIY gift for yourself. Make something special for yourself
  11. Write yourself a letter of love, because in order to be loved, first you need to love yourself!

The idea is to make you realize that you are special, in your own ways and you don’t need anyone else to make your feel special. Don’t rush into getting in a relationship, it will happen when the right time would come… until that time, hold on and fly!

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