Why You Fail To Keep Up With Your New Year Resolutions?

Gandhi Ji said, ‘Be the change you wish to see!’

You must have head this several times before. But how of you actually stand by it? or work on it? Let me take a very hot topic. The New Year’s Resolution!

Every year millions of people (including me) make new year’s resolution or list of new year’s resolutions… but it doesn’t even lasts for a month. Or, if you really try to stand upon it, it lasts for max. 4 months. A recent study done by a famous psychology website stated that only 5% of people really keep their resolutions. Rest fail!

New Year Resolution
Why You Fail To Keep Up With Your New Year Resolutions? | Image:favim

So, what is the real problem? Well, according to me, there are 2 problems.

1) The resolutions you make are not realistic

2) You don’t want to give your 100% because of lack of interest.

While, you read the 2 points written above as ‘problems’… those 2 points are the solutions for it too!

So, how to keep your resolutions?

1) Try to make a realistic resolution!

2) If you really want to get it done, give your 100% and don’t let it lose your interest.

. . . and with these 2 simple solutions, you can actually keep your NY Resolutions! Trust me!

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