December is here! Just can’t believe how quickly this year went by. So far, this was the best year for me! Well wondering why? For that you have to wait till 31st Dec i.e. My birthday as on that day, I will be sharing the top highlights of this year.

For now, here is the ultimate December to-do list for you as it is very important to end your year in a nice and settle way in order to start the new year on a positive and productive note.

The Ultimate December To-Do List For You
The Ultimate December To-Do List For You

Here you go!

1) Declutter:

Simply discard all useless things in your closet. You can sell, donate or simply cast em away!

2) Wind up stuff:

By stuff, I mean all your projects, assignments and every thing related to work. Simply try to finish all your pending work.

3) Prepare yourself:

I love planning things! Its helps a lot. You should too. Simply prepare yourself for the new year. Like, I bought a journal for 2017 and have started noting things from an old diary to new one. These are all things that I need to remember and should remember in the new year, this includes passwords and important dates.

4) Create to-do list:

A simple tentative list would do! For example, in my to-do list I have already noted about my pending book projects!

5) Spend quality time with family:

… simply because it’s the best time of the year!

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