The 90 Seconds Trick That Kills My Anxiety

Anxiety disorder is new for this generation. Yes, today people obsessed with gadgets eats their time, work tirelessly in the office without taking any break. When the plate served to him, it makes him think who prepared this dish, made in hygienic conditions, etc. To avoid all the above there is one solution. Simply take a lunch from your home prepared by wife with love.

Anxiety disorder has become a major issue in the western countries and women suffer the most. With so much pressure to perform, to exceed, to look better, and to be more successful, anxiety raises its head and grips the entire body.

The 90 Seconds Trick That Kills My Anxiety
The 90 Seconds Trick That Kills My Anxiety | image:tumblr

You have to take the anxiety head on. A proverb is apt to recollect; remove weed in the bud, if not it will affect you. Yes, remove unnecessary questions about your life; if not will give you trouble. This thump rule applies to all fields.

According to American self-improvement author, the survival mechanism in our brain start looking what is wrong? Your mind won’t let you enjoy the taste of a fruit. It starts asking questions about the fruit, instead of eating. But, your heart is ready to help, that is the answer. In anxiety looks for the solution from the heart, not from a brain, according to him.

1. Think about a situation makes you anxious, or if you have an unfinished agenda. Think of it on a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 is fully stressed out, 0 not stressed

2. Put your hands on the heart and take a long breath till it reaches the heart. When breathing you can feel the blood flow into your heart.

3. While breathing, recollect three best moments in your life.

4. Use the above to solve the issue

Feeling anxiety, listen to your heart, not the brain; For example, if you are in a tricky situation, what I have to do? Go by the heart way, it knows the answer. Still, you are facing issues, there is a hope always the god fills the gap.

The point is simple, stay positive, believe yourself, lose heart, there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

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