A Relaxed Week Ahead: Goodbye 2016 | Bangalore

A Relaxed Week Ahead: Goodbye 2016 | Bangalore

A Relaxed Week Ahead: Goodbye 2016!

Invitations sent? Check! Sweets bought? Check! Party decorations. Check! Drinks and presents. Check! Broke next day? Check! Now, all that we want to do is party on till New Year’s. Even if it’s not planned, we end up doing it anyway. But if you look back at all the bad days that you’ve had in the past year, would you still want to party? No!

A Relaxed Week Ahead: Goodbye 2016 | Bangalore
A Relaxed Week Ahead: Goodbye 2016 | Bangalore

This New Year’s change your plans, refresh your ideas of having fun and live a healthy lifestyle at least for the last week. Forget weekend getaways and loud music parties. The top priority for your next year should be improving your health, self-care and care for loved ones, social gatherings with friends and relatives and taking better care of the house! Step into 2017 with positive vibes this year and spread the love with the same pomp and grandeur of your massive hall parties. Throw the ego like soda pops and refuel tumblers with fresh citrus of peace. Welcome all new relationships with warmth and strengthen old bonds.

Keeping clean should be at the top of your checklist, avoid trash smell hanging around the walls of your house, and look out for the top laundry and dry cleaning services in Bangalore. Bank upon your plans blindly and trust them for you could be having a relaxed week ahead. In fact, this is how you should kick-start your New Year.

Indulge in these activities and have a better chance at getting close with your friends and family. Save time doing your laundry and capitalize more on Christmas gathering at your home this weekend!

With laundry and other activities like housekeeping and rentals made so easily accessible online, one can definitely enjoy a more relaxed week at the end of December planning and preparing a lavish dinner with close and dear.

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