8 Veg Sandwiches That Really Travel Well

Food is the most important thing while travelling and when it comes to selecting a food item that I prefer travelling with, I pick sandwiches. Sandwiches really travel well. There are lots of types of veg sandwiches that travel really well. Here are 8 my most favorite veg sandwiches that really travel well.

8 Veg Sandwiches That Really Travel Well8 Veg Sandwiches That Really Travel Well
8 Veg Sandwiches That Really Travel Well | image:tumblr
  1. Finger Sandwiches – You can store Finger Sandwiches in an airtight container or a cooler.  It can be enjoyed with cream cheese or cucumber or tomato. You can have bite while driving.
  2. Creative Cheese Sandwich – This is cheese sandwich, recreated, with the addition of sprouts and egg. It is a protein-rich sandwich.
  3. Pickle and Cheese Sandwich – You simply need to add pickles and cheese to your favorite bread and you’re ready to go!
  4. Lemon Rice Sandwich – If you like rice stuffed food items then this sandwich is good for you. Take a bread piece, put lemon rice on it and add another bread slice. Pack and go!
  5. Spinach and corn sandwich – Oh, if you are frequent traveller from Indigo airways in India, you must have tried this sandwich for sure. It’s a health sandwich perfect carry while you travel.
  6. Boiled potato sandwich – Boil potatoes, fry it, add some masala and make it a mash. Make sandwich using this mashed potatoes and ta da, you’re good to go! (Psss! This is my favorite one)
  7. Carrot, peas and cucumber sandwich – As the name suggests, this sandwich has carrots, boiled peas and fresh cucumber slices along with butter or mayo.
  8. Cheese corn sandwich – Cream cheese and American corn are all you require for this lox plus cream sandwich. You can  place these in between wholesome wheat bread in  the place of a bagel in  order to make it apt for lunch.

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