8 Things Snatching Your Productivity Away From You At Work

Are you at work and can’t focus on it? It may be because; you didn’t sleep well last night or skipped your solid breakfast or wasting time doing things other than actual at work. Here are the 8 largest time-sucks when you’re in the working space, plus rectification for productivity increasing so you can perfectly do your decent job ever.

8 Things Snatching Your Productivity Away From You At Work
8 Things Snatching Your Productivity Away From You At Work | image:tumblr.com
  1. Texting. – Never indulge in texting to your family members, close friends and colleagues at working space. During peak work hours, you must turn off your phone. You can personally check your phone during the break hours.
  2. Have control on your office door – Do have a habit for keeping your office door closed during significant project planning and execution work. An open door may invite your co-worker for a silly chat.
  3. Avoid talkative coworkers – You should never encourage forming group with colleagues in workplace and indulging in long hour chat on personal and professional matter.
  4. Checking your personal email – In office, you are suppose to check official mails and at home, you are allowed to check and reply your personal mails.
  5. Going out for lunch. – It is advised to bring your lunch box from home and have it during the lunch break. You should avoid going out to hotel or restaurant for lunch in the office hours.
  6. Avoid long meetings. – At workplace, meeting should be arranged with proper planning and discussion must be held to the point. It shouldn’t be a place for long discussion
  7. Stay away from online chats – You shouldn’t open your chat application on your mail and desktop. An online chat indulgence will take away your solid working hours.
  8. Never be time sensitive – you should be dedicated and committed to work at your work place. You shouldn’t be much bothered about your break hours.

Make you avoid these things to keep up with your productivity!

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