Ways Your Phone Can Save Your Life
Ways Your Phone Can Save Your Life

6 Ways Your Phone Can Save Your Life

Mobile phones are now an integral part of our life and help us in many words during emergency situations. Pity that many don’t even know there are apps to make use. You can help the victim in case you come across in need. Caught in any situation the phone comes to your rescue .All you need to know how to use the apps, not behind about using the apps to save a life.

Here we go the 6 important ways Phone Can Save Your Life:

Add important in case of emergency numbers (ICE)

ICE is short of ‘’In Case of Emergency” and they indicate the emergency contact numbers to call when you met with an accident. Add ICE before your friend’s name.

Set a program for others to trace you

There are many apps to help in distress and foremost one is apps to locate you. Apps designed in such way to help in locating your Smartphone, keep tabs of your teenage boy or girl, your aged parents. These apps help them to trace you when they need your presence. AccuTracking and Prey are some of the tracker apps available in iPhone.

Remember your medicines

There are mobile apps to take care your health and alert you take the pills on time. There is an app helps you in ordering refills. There are many apps in the market available you can download for free or at the cost of less than 1$. Popular medical apps are MediSafe Meds&Pill Reminder, MedCoach, and Rxmind Me.

Monitors your health

There are many apps to check your sleep diet, medications, and exercise. Additionally, the apps send your blood pressure, lung function, and blood sugar levels to you and your physician.


There are several devices to gives you the basic electrocardiogram (ECG). If your iPhone has ECG apps it monitors your heart beat rate and checks the irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation).

Assist in saving a life

There are numerous apps in iPhone and with the assistance, you can save a life or call the emergency service.

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