5 Types Of Indian Tea You Should Drink For Good Health

Winter is here and it is the best time to enjoy a hot cup of tea. But there are some added advantage with drinking tea. Tea is the staple drink for most Indians and every region in India has almost a different way of making it.

5 Types Of Indian Tea You Should Drink For Good Health
5 Types Of Indian Tea You Should Drink For Good Health | image:favim

Let me tell you about the 5 types of Indian tea and why you should be drinking it:

Cardamom Tea

It helps relieves headaches, boost digestion and stomach cramps. The diuretic properties of cardamom also makes the Cardamom tea, a great detoxifying agent that helps cleanse the body.

Cinnamon Tea

People hardly know that dalchini, an Indian spice actually has one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants amongst all herbs and spices. It also helps you maintain your cholesterol levels.

Saffron Tea

You must have heard of saffron scented milk, desserts and dishes! It’s quite common! But how about a Saffrom chai this winter? Apart from matchless taste it adds to the tea, saffron AKA Kesar also has anti-cancer properties, antioxidants that helps reduce cardiovascular diseases, and protects vision cells.

Cumin Tea

Cumin seeds, known for their calming properties. It has a soothing effect on the mind. Cumin tea also helps fight insomnia. Have a cup of Cumin tea before sleeping, for a sound and calm sleep.

Chamomile Tea

There’s no better digestive or soothing ale than chamomile tea. Sipping a cup of Chamomile tea at night helps relieve anxiety and stress. Chilled chamomile tea bags can also be used to soothe puffy eyes and reduce dark circles.

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