3 Tips To Stay Motivated In Small Job Roles

There’s a saying in Hindi- Koi Kaam Chota Ya Bada Nahin Hota, Kaam… Kaam Hota Hai!

The uncertainty factor is driving people crazy day after day. People are there with a fat check at disposal but the same people will be running after peanuts during recession or low life in work life. Hence, the rule is simple and straight forward; don’t believe you can always remain on the safer side. In real life one has to face the brighter side and darker side of life very often.

We should strongly believe in growth. To grow in life we have to work harder, whether being a manager or being doing some menial or low paying jobs. During bad times its better to indulge in low paying jobs then to remain jobless, which may lead to frustration.

3 Tips To Stay Motivated In Small Job Roles
3 Tips To Stay Motivated In Small Job Roles | image:tumblr

Some tips which may help you to strive for more or stay motivated even when you are in a small role are:

1. Stay away from comparison-

Sometime comparison can steal away the joy of the life. Can you think of a life, where you keep on chasing or running after something? Yes, it is indeed terrible and will end up as a naissance. Comparing with others every time will only hurt you. You will start believing in your low esteem and to get away from it you will be ending up in trouble. So, stop comparing and be happy with low paying jobs.

2. Try to improve your skills-

We have to change to grow in life. Every time you see your colleague getting a good pay and promotion, don’t become negative and keep hammering your head. Rather think why or what skills are helping him/her. Try improving your weaker skills and hone it for a better life.

3. Record your achievements-

It will be very handy to keep your achievements with you. I don’t think when you grow up; there will be someone to pat you at the back; as you received by doing something good when you were a child. Keep a file in your phone or laptop which can give proof, “why you are great”. Whenever, you feel bad while performing underrated jobs just open the file and create a happier moment because happier employees are productive.

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