10 Leftover Coffee Uses That Nobody Will Tell You

10 Leftover Coffee Uses That Nobody Will Tell You

It has been estimated that around 79% of people in the world drinks coffee as beverages. But simultaneously there is also wastage of leftover coffee which goes to drains all in all. To avoid the leftover coffee to be drained and poured in the kitchen basin, one can make use of the leftover coffee in many ways.

10 Leftover Coffee Uses That Nobody Will Tell You
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I remember in my college days hot coffee was given one time and most of us couldn’t drink the whole of it in one go. We left the coffee to get freeze and used it like ice cubes and ate with chocolate chunks after we returned in the evening.

Another way of using the leftover coffee is to mix it with dried fruits, and oatmeal thinning it to make a drink which will be delicious. The hot liquids which are served like- milk, tea ca be replaced with the coffee leftover during the snack time. Adding hot chocolate and cinnamon powder and making brownies will be another delicious dish with left over coffee.

Make coffee shake with crunchy biscuit and choco chips toppings. Seasoning the chilli toppings with the leftover coffee will give an awesome flavor to the pot of the chilli bowl.

Coffee dyed paper is created which looks brilliant for any project work or crafts.

The acidic property of the coffee is used to clean the grease on the grills.

Even the leftover coffee is used to repair the scratched furniture which gets back its color and shine similarly to black coffee.

I hope this post will be really helpful to you, in utilizing the leftover coffee for various useful purposes. So, next time before throwing away the leftover coffee and wasting it think any of the ways which will best suit your need to reuse the leftover coffee.

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