It’s your best friend’s wedding, and while you are all excited about shopping with them, you still don’t know what wedding gift to get them. You both may have shared the best times and know each others’ likes and dislikes, but when it comes to buying a wedding gift, then it is a different story altogether. While wedding gifts, in general, are tough to choose, when it comes to selecting one for your best buddy it can get even tougher! You certainly want the gift to be both unusual and useful.

Top 6 Gifts To Give Your Best Friend On His/Her Wedding
Top 6 Gifts To Give Your Best Friend On His/Her Wedding | image:tumblr

But thankfully with little brain storming, you can easily find the perfect gift for your best friend. To make it easier we came up with few gifting ideas; so you can worry less about the gifting part and focus more on the wedding attire.

Here are some great and practical wedding gift suggestions ideal to give your best friend.

Home Stuff:

Your friend will be moving into a whole new home with their spouse, and most of us know the first few months of adjusting to a new space is never easy, especially for the newlyweds. To help your friend deal with the chaos and strain, gift them a useful household item you know they will appreciate.

Consider bed sheets or throws in their favorite color, or maybe even a bedside lamp. If you are in the mood of splurging then, you could maybe gift a beautiful artistic piece to a friend who appreciates art or get them some new furniture.


Getting married for most means starting a new life in a brand new home together and the kitchen is a vital part of this new home. Buying kitchenware rarely crosses the minds of newlyweds who stay busy preparing for the D-day. But your best friend will thank you for such a gift post a few months into the marriage.

You could gift your friend pots or pans, or a toaster. If they are into fitness, getting them something like an air fryer or even a vegetable juicer can come in handy.

The vegetable juicer offers a quick and easy way of getting the much-needed nutrients of fruits and juices through the juice. For all those health-conscious couples, a juicer can make a very thoughtful wedding gift.

Dinner For The Couple:

We hear so often that the host never gets to enjoy the lavish spread at their wedding! Most are too preoccupied with the several guests and festivities even to think about the fantastic food. Gift your friend a lavish dinner for two at a fine dining restaurant so that the couple can finally sit down and enjoy a sumptuous meal in a romantic ambiance. This will help them relive those dating moments.

Something For The Lovebirds:

Newlyweds would love to get something with both of their initials on. Gift the love birds something which is more than just the standard monogrammed towels or coffee cups. Instead go a step further and give them monogrammed bathrobes instead. Or if they both enjoy a sport together then you could try getting sportswear such as a t-shirt or track pant which is monogrammed especially for them.

Weekend Getaway:

No, we are not suggesting you gift your friend the entire honeymoon vacation as a wedding gift. But you could always gift them a weekend getaway that they may utilize later. This way they would have something to look forward to after the wedding hassles are over. Make it a memorable gift that your friend will always remember.

You could look up on the internet for hotels and vacation spots close by and try picking places which match their interests. Planning a great weekend getaway for your friend will definitely gain applause as a great wedding gift.

Moolah, Some Crispy Cash

Finally, if you feel none of the above will interest your friend and you can’t think of anything else they will like. Then let’s get real — the best item a couple of course would want to receive is some moolah. Flaunt your creativity by writing some quirky lines on the cash envelope. They could use the money as and when they like and would appreciate your sense of gifting.

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