Who on Earth better than flight attendants can teach you how to pack light and travel like a pro? They are always on the go and know all tricks to maximise the space of your luggage. Recently, before taking my flight from Mumbai to Coimbatore, I got a chance to interact with a flight attendant where she shared the best packing tips!

Packing Tips From Flight Attendants Will Change The Way You Travel
Packing Tips From Flight Attendants Will Change The Way You Travel | image:tumblr

So without wasting much our times, here you go:

1) Roll li’l things and stuff it in your footwear. Eg: toiletries wrapped in a tissue or packet, stuff it in your shoe

2) Utilize the space left between 2 shoes. Roll and stuff again

3) Keep footwear on one side and start keeping tops & tees on the other side. You have an option to roll your tees too!

4) Fold your intimate wear & shorts into small pieces and stuff it in between the space left between your clothes.

5) Once done with putting all cothes and footwear, cover it with a sheet (plastic or paper, not a hard one)

6) Put other accessories like camera, laptop etc on top of it

7) Put tie or belts or wires like charging cord along side the borderline.

8) Try roll N stuff trick with every possible thing!

Woah! That was so required.

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