On Mastering The Telephone Etiquette

On Mastering The Telephone Etiquette

The world is on phone. If you are a professional I am sure you too would have to attend more than 20 calls a day. The way you talk on phone can make or break the deal. Therefore, you must have follow certain rules when talking on phone. Your tone reflects a lot about your personality. It is very important that you talk properly on phone in order to leave a good impression.

Here is how you can master telephone etiquette!

On Mastering The Telephone Etiquette
On Mastering The Telephone Etiquette |


When you get a call, the first thing that you should is greet each other in a manner which is polite and warm. It could be a simple hi to a exciting hello. You cannot get direct to the point as soon as you dial the call or receive the call. If you are calling for an official purpose, make sure that you check if you are talking to the concerned person before starting any conversation.

Example: Hi/Hello! I am Anamika and can I speak to Mr. Collin!

Mood swings:

If you are in a grumpy mood or are upset about anything, make sure that you do not attend the call or let the caller know that you will give a call back. Avoid showing your mood swings over the phone and keep your tone normal. When you are excited you should avoid over-talking. People tend to talk a lot when they are in a good mood.

Be a good listener:

The most important thing for the receiver to be a good listener as well. You cannot interrupt the speaker just to keep your point across. Allow the person to finish, listen to what he has to say and then reply. It is the best way to talk.

Ending the call:

Repeat what the person had said which indicates that you have listened to the person completely. Complement the other person by saying that it was a pleasure talking to the person.

These are some simple tips to master the telephone etiquette. All you need to do is practice and apply these tips in your regular life.

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