Nine Breathtaking Castles You Can Actually Stay In

Admit it! At some point of time, we all have dreamt of living in a castle like royalties. We cannot all be royalty but this does not mean we can travel like it?

If living in a castle is in your bucket list, just like mine then you are about to learn how to get it done! Yes, there are some rich, luxurious and really old castles in the world where you can actually live. Here are 9 breathtaking castles where you can actually stay:

1. The Dolder Grand in Switzerland:

Breathtaking Castles
The Dolder Grand in Switzerland

This is an old castle turned into a 5 star hotel. It was originally opened in 1899 but went under renovation in 2008 to achieve it’s current modern look.

2. Castle Hotel & Spa in New York:

breathtaking castles
Castle Hotel & Spa in New York

Situated in tarrytown which is about a half-hour drive from new york city, this is a luxurious castle perfect to live in!

3. Chateau de Bagnols in France:

Chateau de Bagnols in France
breathtaking castles

This is a 13th-century chateau that lies in the countryside of Bagnols. Here you can also take a tour in their private vineyard.

4. Bovey Castle in England:

breathtaking castles
Bovey Castle in England

You can enjoy a luxurious holiday in this 5 star hotel that sits on 75 acres of countryside beauty of England.

5. Castello di Vicarello in Italy:

breathtaking castles
Castello di Vicarello in Italy

It is a 12th century castle turned into a stylish and luxurious house boutique. If you are looking for a secluded hilltop location to spend quality time with your loved ones, this place is perfect!

6. Ashford castle in Ireland:

breathtaking castles
Ashford castle in Ireland

This castle turned hotel is favorite of celebrities. It was built in 1228 and offers many amazing facilties like horse riding, ziplining and boating.

7. Burg Altena in Germany:

breathtaking castles
Burg Altena in Germany

Situated in North Rhine of Germany, this is a historical hotel cum museum where you can stay and live like a royalty.

8. Castell d’Emporda in Spain:

breathtaking castles
Castell d’Emporda in Spain

This is a historic castle which was once-abandoned in medieval period in Spain. It maintains it’s classic interiors while offers the best of modern facilites to its guests.

9. Culzean castle in Scotland:

breathtaking castles
Culzean castle in Scotland

And this one is my most favorite. The Eiisenhower hotel at Culzean castle is perfect for peaceful getaways. From the rooms of this hotel, you can enjoy the panaromic views of beautiful mountains and sea.

Time to save money for these! What say?

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