Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

Recently I was going through an interview where Priyanka Chopra said, ‘my success won’t last forever. It will go away with me! We live in a time where anyone can be anything anytime’

I totally agree to this statement! Whenever I login in to my Facebook profile, I see so many new authors. Every day at least 10-15 new notifications I get from new authors who are getting their new book published! Though it is really good to see people growing and have so many talent, what makes me a li’l sad is people want to be an author just for sake of fame & money.

They don’t realize the real importance and social responsibility that comes along!

So, if you ever want to be an author or anything that makes you think will bring you fame & money, then kindly back out.

Do only when you have a knack or passion for the same and not because of money or fame.

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