1 Nov 2016, Doordarshan, India’s strongest and oldest network honoured me by calling me as a chief guest on their live phone-in infotainment show Bole U.P.

I talked about how my journey as author started, what was the inspiration behind my novels Too hard to handle & VoiceMates and lots more interesting/inspiring anecdotes.
This is my first TV interview and I was super excited for it. I was nervous too, but the crew made me so comfortable that I didn’t feel that it was my first shoot. Here’s the video!

I never thought I’d experience this so soon in my career-span. It is like a dream come true. Coming on TV was something beyond my expectations and it happened. I am so grateful to God and every single reader of mine.

Next is what? Pultizer?

P.S: I hope you like it. Do share & subscribe to my channel for latest on me!

P.P.S: It’s in Hindi language. I shall share the English transcription on my blog very soon

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