7 Important Table Manners Tips You Must Follow

All of us socialize and often go out for lunch and dinner parties with colleagues, business partners, clients etc. It is very important to follow certain table manners to leave a long lasting and good impression.

Here are 7 important table manners tips you must follow. I hope this post will serve as a gentle reminder to you and help you revive your behavior!

Use Napkin:

Once you take your seat, unfold the napkin and place on your lap. Do not wait for the food to arrive and start the process. You can use the napkin as and when you are seated.

Removing unwanted food:

The food that goes inside must be removed the same way. If you have used an utensil to eat the food, use the same utensil to remove the food. You can remove the pits and bone using the finger.

Excusing yourself:

If you are leaving for the restroom, you can just say excuse me  and leave. Never leave the table without saying anything. It is rude.

Cutting food:

Cut the food into one or 2 bite-sized pieces at a time. Do not cut and keep it on the plate. Chop it as an when you eat.

Electronic devices:

Most of the times we fail to keep our electronic devices into silent mode. But, you need to value the time of the other person. Keep your mobile phone in silent mode. Avoid texting or browsing the net.

Seasoning the food:

When you are in a n official party or if there is any special occasion, you must taste the food before seasoning it. It shows you know how to handle your food.

Don’t drink with full mouth:

Chew the food that is already in your mouth. Do not add more food when you already have something in mouth. If you are planning to take a sip of your favourite drink, finish the food that’s in your mouth and then drink.

…and now, here are the plate signals that you must learn. This is very useful once you are done with eating.

7 Important Table Manners Tips + Plate Signals To Learn
Plate Signals To Learn

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