Importance Of Table Manners While Dining

It is not always what you eat matters but how you eat also matters. Your dining etiquettes matters alot. There are times when you cannot eat  food because the person sitting next to you is eating in a different manner.

Importance Of Table Manners While Dining
Importance Of Table Manners While Dining | image:tumblr

Here are 4 points that explain the important of good table manners while dining:


If you are invited to dine at 8.00 pm do not be late. Make sure that you reach the venue well in advance. It becomes very embarrassing when all are seated on the table and are just waiting for you.

Dine quietly:

I have come across people who make a hell lot of noise while chewing the food. Trust me, it becomes very irritating to continue my food. Thus, make sure that you eat quietly and slowly. Do not talk while your mouth is full.

Take smaller portions:

Do not be in a hurry. You must avoid vulture syndrome. If you are heading for a buffet style, make sure that you do not overfill your plate. You need to behave in  a civilized manner as you never know who is watching you. There is no restriction on the quantity of food.  You can get to the dining place and take the food as and when required.

Keep your cellphone away:

You must make sure that you do not fiddle with your cell phone. Every individual who is seated with you must be respected. And, this is possible when you equally participate in the conversation rather than gazing on your cell phone. If you need to take a call or make an urgent call, plz excuse yourself from the dining table.

These are some basic dining tips that can be followed by all the individuals. You do not need any extra efforts to master the skills.

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