How To Overcome Perfectionism? 4 Ways That Actually Work!

Everyone dreams to be perfect. Being perfect is good but not at the cost of your people and loved ones. I have often seen bosses and senior managers who aims only for perfection such that they make life miserable. If you are one among those people who are perfectionism driven, then this post is perfect for you.

How To Overcome Perfectionism? 4 Ways That Actually Work!
How To Overcome Perfectionism? 4 Ways That Actually Work! | image:Favim

4 ways to overcome perfectionism:

1. Good enough is good:

You will be losing a lot of time and patience when you attempt for perfection. Sometimes good enough is better to get your task done. Now, do not make it as an excuse on regular basis. Too much of anything is not good.

2. Realization:

You wouldn’t have realized that you hurt your near ones in the name of perfection. You cannot be destructive to others just because you want the things the way you want it to be. You wouldn’t have realized that your perfection is hurting people around it. Do keep yourself in the shoes of others.

3. Accept that all are human:

As you are a human being and so are others, isn’t it. Human beings will commit errors and you gotta accept it.  People have their own flaws and not everyone is perfect. There is always a scope for improvement and allow people to learn from their own mistakes.

4. Compare yourself to self:

Stop comparing yourself to others rather compare it to self. If you try comparing yourself to others you will always feel low. See, what you were a few years ago and what you are today.  Look back and see the hurdles that you had faced and how you overcame.

Thus, do not try be a perfectionist all the times. It will not make you a better person. After all, excess of everything is bad!

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