How To End A Friendship Gracefully Without Hurting Feelings?

How To End A Friendship Gracefully Without Hurting Feelings?

Friendship is second best to relatives to many goes one step further. Friendship breaks barriers beyond borders. Some are friends from their school days and last forever. It is difficult to say good bye to your thick friend for many reasons. Breaking up with a friend is a lot more painful than breaking up with your bf or gf. Recently a reader asked me this question on my facebook fan page and I was really surprised to read it. Then after discussion for a while, she explained why she wanted to break her friendship.

How To End A Friendship Gracefully Without Hurting Feelings?
How To End A Friendship Gracefully Without Hurting Feelings? | image:pinterest

Whatever may the reason cut the friendship it is tough to say without hurting your friend. Here you have to show maturity in ending the friendship, if you really want to end the friendship.

Here are a few points to consider in order to end a friendship without hurting his feelings.

1. Appraise the friendship

According to an expert analyze the friendship with your friend before calling quitting. You require just a break that too temporary.

2. Weigh the options and reactions of breaking

If you are serious about ending the relationship think about the reactions. Ending relationship means loss of mutual friends both will suffer.

3. Evaluate the reasons for breaking

True friendship never dies, it is rare and exceptions. Between the two they are same on one point, differ on another. This will not be music for one. Taking forward the point he may want to end the friendship. Before breaking give him a chance to explain or change.

4. Decided to end the relationship, stay away

Once you decided to walk out of the friendship the best method is to stay away from him. He will be smart like you, understand the point that the time is come to break. Instead talk with other friends. The friend in question will assess his wrongdoings if any is the reason for breaking.

5. Set to time to break the silence

Once you decided to break, use the one-to- one meeting to explain the reason for breaking. Don’t send e-mail, SMS, or letter as they are less effective, though you can use the route.

The post explains the points to end the friendship mutually without hurting anyone’s feelings. It is tough the break, but one has to bite the reason for his sake.

P.S: I will never want anyone to call off a friendship unless it’s a serious issue. Writing post was not at all easy. I hope you take a wiser decision and nobody gets

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