Do You Find Cities Soothing Rather Than Stressful?

Everyone likes to live peacefully provided clean environment assured. A peaceful and clean environment filled with plants most people like to spend their life. But, the life in metros becomes miserable and unfit to live courtesy industrialization. There are people who believe if such an environment like forests and lakes build up will provide the same tranquility in crowded metros too. This is established in a recent survey.

Do You Find Cities Soothing Rather Than Stressful?
Do You Find Cities Soothing Rather Than Stressful? |

Here is a brief interpretation of how the survey carried out?

1. The participants were given a questionnaire and asked to answer by using their self-control. Further they were tested how much disturbed. They were given keys to the questions which related to the urban environments. Finally the participants handed over an unsolvable question. This time the participants spend time on the question, and it was taken as a scale to determine their self-discipline.

2. The verdict, the disturbed people showed more restraint when given the city words as compared to country words. When they see the country words, they naturally assumed those words calm their nerves and provided strength to carry out more.

3. This is a right case of a scientific study confirming the verdict which already known to all. The city in question was New York City, a bustling, crowded metro and found the environment is clean to live. But, some of the friends living in the country side are opposite to the point; they think the noisy and crowded surroundings makes the city unfit to live, in addition giving stress.

4. The rush of cars, vans, buses, blowing of horns, makes the pedestrians to cross the road in a hurry. Some people love this style of living as they used to, but people coming from the country side are not ready to buy the argument.

The study shows that the participants are disturbed and getting stress. They are in a hurry to reach office, perform, eat, and return all robotic style without rest.  The city is peaceful to them, not to people from countryside.

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