9 Minimalist Travel Tips That Will Help You Cut Your Luggage

I used to be an overpacker! It was because there was no one to give good travel tips to me, and when I used to travel with my family, mum used to pack. I often used to wonder, what if I needed my long jacket after party or will want to wear long boots instead of stilettos? What if I get drenched in rain, I should keep few extra pair of denims and tops. What if I will want to wear my david off perfume instead of a Gucci one?

With all these sorta questions in my mind, I used to overpack! The more I have travelled, the more I realized how important it is to cut luggage. Most of the times, I had to travel alone so as a solo traveller, it becomes really important that you carry lesser luggage as you are the one who has to manage everything!

9 Minimalist Travel Tips That Will Help You Cut Your Luggage
9 Minimalist Travel Tips | image:tumblr

I’ve started to (mostly) follow the minimalist approach to travel, and trust me it’s made traveling even more enjoyable. Here are 9 things you can do to pack light & travel carefree:

1) Count the no. Of days and pack outfits accordingly. It’s ok to repeat trousers & jeans, so don’t take 10 jeans for 10 days.

2) Pack only essential toiletries. For instance, if you have already booked a hotel, need not to carry dental kit, clean kit or towel set; unless you have a specific brand and you can’t live without it. Most hotels have hair dryer so dont carry that!

3) If you think you ‘might’ need it, don’t pack it.

4) Pack a pair of shoes that goes with most of your outfits.

5) Dont carry tech that you won’t need. For instance, I have seen people carry earpods, headphones and bluetooth headset all together. Carry the best one that goes with all your gadgets, that’s it!

6) Go for ebooks! Even I prefer physical books, but to cut luggage, you can always go for ebooks!

7) Wear your bulkier clothes when in flight. For instance, I always carry my heavy shrug instead of packing it.

8) Make a list of things to pack!

9) Avoid packing too much makeup & accessories.

I really hope these minimal travel tips will help you pack light! 😃

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