5 Stress Bursting Foods We Should All Have In Our Cupboards

According to survey, it is stated that the people eat fast food or junk food to relieve the stress that they are going through but in fact it is just a pleasure for a limited time but the sickness follows goes on for a lifetime. The following will give an insight of the foods to be eaten which is a natural Destress remedy and Detox for the Body.

5 Stress Bursting Foods We Should All Have In Our Cupboards
5 Stress Bursting Foods We Should All Have In Our Cupboards | image:tumblr

5 stress bursting foods are as follows:


A handful of cashews is said to be an equivalent of a prescription dose of Prozac, according to Dave Sommers from Food Matters. It is great to have cashews when you are feeling down because it is really healthy for the body and carries a lot of nutrients.


As oranges have a high amount of Vitamin C in it so helps in to decreasing the stress levels and also boosts your immune system. Oranges are highly recommended to have when you are feeling irritated and uneasy.

Dark Chocolate:-

Dark chocolate is delicious food you can have and at the same time, you are improving your health with it. It is good for the dieters for purification of blood and increase of hemoglobin in the body. This is one of the foods where everyone will enjoy having without any doubt of someone disliking it.


Mushrooms are packed with Anti-cancer compounds and also help in removing all the toxic from the body which ultimately helps in Detox and stated as the best food for bursting stress out of the body.


Blueberries remove dopamine from the body which is associated with reward and desire factor in the body. It is said that the antioxidant and phytonutrients are considered really beneficial for the body to remove stress.

Try these foods for a healthier body and distress for the body. It will calm your mind by extracting the necessary nutrients.

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