5 Scary Things Your Food Cravings Could Be Telling You

All in the world addicted to food carvings. Upon seeing any of your favorite drinks, chocolates, or pizza, the mind and legs automatically goes to the place. The taste and ingredients used in the products inducing carvings. Overeating lands you in trouble, so limit your cravings which is good point from the health perspective.

5 Scary Things Your Food Cravings Could Be Telling You
5 Scary Things Your Food Cravings Could Be Telling You

Here is a list of five scary things your love for a particular food tells you.

1. Craving for fizzy drinks your body requires calcium

The addition of sugar in the fizzy drinks increase the cravings for it .Actually the drinks suck calcium from your bones, weakens your body. To neutralize the loss of calcium take a delicious banana and almond smoothie.

2. Love for sugary food; take serotonin

Many of us are addicted to sugar. Many are serious even at odd times in addition to insomnia, depression, and obsessive behaviors, panic attacks, anxiety, binge eating. These are pointers to serotonin deficiency in your body.  Better consult a nutritional expert or take up regular exercises gives you vitamin D.

3. Love for bread and pasta; you need chromium

Love for refined sugar and carbohydrates leads to depletion of chromium. The more intakes lead to sucking of chromium. To arrest the loss of chromium, take organic eggs cooked in green peppers. Regular intake above practice ends your carving for bread and pasta.

4. Love for fatty foods diverts you to fatty acids

Love for fatty foods makes you prone to any disorder. To protect your body include elements full of fatty acids such as omega3 and omega 6. A good example for the above is; salmon burger or seafood paella.

5. Craving for alcohol- your body need vitamin B2

It is nice to have alcohol or other drinks in a party .The addiction make you to the loss essential vitamins like B2 from the body. To curb the instinct of alcohol try a smoothie from spinach, yogurt, and mango.

The post gives you points to curb your love for food cravings. Try the alternates mentioned that will keep you away from those foods.

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