3 Basic Yet Important Tips To Lose Weight

3 Basic Yet Important Tips To Lose Weight

It is never too easy to lose weight. Ask those obese people and you will pity after hearing their story. No matter how hard you try, the weight will still be there. I know it is difficult but not impossible. I am not a weight loss spree. Not because I don’t like my body as it is, but because being fitter will increase my strength and help me cope with my routine easily. If you too want to lose weight, this post will help you get started!

3 Basic Yet Important Tips To Lose Weight
3 Basic Yet Important Tips For Weight Loss|

3 basic & easy ways to lose weight:


If you hate all forms of exercise, the simple way to lose weight is to walk. Walking helps you to shed a lot of weight. There are many successful stories where weight loss has been contributed to mere walking. You can also participate in walkathons if you dislike jogging or running. You need to start on a slow pace. Do not walk for 5 kms on the first day and take a break for one week. Just with 2 kms on the first day and gradually increase it. And don’t run. Your body must accept your walking pattern and soon you will shed tons and tons of kilos.


No, not the soft drinks or the hard drinks! If you want to lose weight, drink plenty of plain water.Start with a glass of warm water on empty stomach and continue with it. You can add lemon drops in the water and drink the entire day. It will help you to throw the toxins out of the body. You can also add few cumin seeds in the water and boil them together. Cool it down and drink the entire day. Water can be consumed in various forms.


You do not have to leave food or be on diet. A controlled food intake can help you to lose weight faster. Avoid eating after the sunset as the food will not be digested post that. Avoid junk and oily food. Count the calories and stay away from sweets for few days. Control your temptation to lose weight.

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