15 Important Tips For Public Speaking

I remember when I delivered my first talk, it was in 2013 in Amity Jaipur. That was the year when my debut novel Too hard to handle was released. Though the audience size in Jaipur event was small, merely 50 students but it being my first event… I must confess I was very nervous.

I have performed in front of 5000 people in my college in inter-college dance competition. But that was dance, this was speaking. Something really new for me!

15 Important Tips For Public Speaking
15 Important Tips For Public Speaking | image:favim

Of course, I made some mistakes but then to err is to human. Since then I have delivered lots of talks in front of big and well as small audience. I have learned a lot. So I decided to share best tips for public speaking with you all, who aspire to become an orator.

Here are 15 important tips for public speaking:

1. Be confident, don’t lose your nerve

2. Prepare a que card with all important points written on it

3. Try to make eye contacts with audience one by one

4. Smile

5. Share anecdotes that are relevant to the topic you are speaking

6. Start your talks with a personal story or a quote, we refer it to as a grabber

7. Divide your talk in 3 sections- Grabber, Middle & Conclusion

8. Relax

9. Keep in mind, you are there to give and not to take!

10. If your session exceeds 15 minutes, take a li’l break in between & interact with audience

11. Always keep time for Q & A after your session

12. Be polite with Nay-Sayers

13. Speaking slowly, like in a clear pace

14. Don’t blabber

15. Express gratitude in the beginning as well as in the end.

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