10 Types Of Dreams We All Have & What They Actually Mean

10 Types Of Dreams We All Have & What They Actually Mean

Dreams what a feeling! It will make life a happy one, if all desired and positive dreams come true. It is one of the fascinating and mysterious parts in everyone’s life- the meaning of dreams. Dreams mean a lot about the current happenings and what’s going on in your head. It’s our sub-conscious mind that made us see what’s in our head and what our heart desires. At times, we don’t even realize what’s there within our minds and seeing it in our dreams leaves us impatient. At times, dreams leave us scared and some times, even make us scream or cry. There are some reasons behind every dream.

10 Types Of Dreams We All Have & What They Actually Mean
10 Types Of Dreams We All Have & What They Actually Mean | Image:tumblr

While talking to one of the dream experts in my flight from Lucknow to Mumbai, I came to know certain types of dreams and their meanings.

Read the post to understand the type of dreams and its reactions. Sit and enjoy!

1. About your teeth

Imagine this moment. Your teeth fall, broken into pieces after eating. This is a common and disturbing dream for many. No one likes to share. It means you are not careful about a personal asset of yours, and if this continues, you might lose it.

2. Dream of naked

While sleeping you dream about of being naked while making a presentation or other situations. It means you’re doing something extraordinary and that’s it.

3. Falling dream

It is a common dream all experience during their life. The meaning of the dream is your life is spiraling out of control. You need to think more positive thoughts.

4. You are screaming and you can’t hear any voice

 When you have a lack of confidence and you are low on self-esteem, you tend to see this dream. The answer to this dream is to believe in you.

5. Dying

If you dream of dying it means reveals the wish to terminate a relationship, a career path, a job or even the past and look for a new start.

6. Meeting a celebrity

Everyone loves to meet their favorite one in a dream. By taking a selfie with them it is a symbol of a personal need for appreciation.

7. Being chased

This is a nightmare and tells the dreamer to be ready to face the issue remains to be solved for a long.

8. Cheating dream

The cheating dream occurs when your friend is spending too much time on which you’re not a stakeholder.

9. Reporting late for something

This dream tells that don’t make promises you cannot deliver. It might also mean that there is some really important issue that you need to resolve but you are just ignoring. Time to take an action!

10. Driving an out of control vehicle

The meaning of the dream is a sign of a current bad practice that is going to trouble you for a long time.

This post explains the types of dreams and its meaning. Don’t take them light, and take preventive measures to control the dream.

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