10 Signs You Should Rather Live Alone Than with Roommates

Staying alone in a room offers many benefits and some negatives. In the room, you are the boss and no one has the right to interfere. You can set the music player loudly and enjoy it without objections from your companion. Living alone at times may break your heart, but it is better to stay alone.

10 Signs You Should Rather Live Alone Than With Roommates
10 Signs You Should Rather Live Alone Than With Roommates

Here are some positive points of staying alone without roommates. Are you ready, read the post?

1. You can walk without dress

In the room, you are alone and can leave the dress on the floor, while imagine of walking nude on a stage. This is your exclusive right and done in the four walls.

2. You can drink alone

Staying alone means don’t have the company to share the drink. Why you need a glass to toast orange juice or red wine with your friend. Drink without glass, straight from the bottle.

3. Clean when you have time

In the room, you can clean the dress or utensils when you have time. No one can come ask why so much cluttering in the room. There is no pressure to clean them.

4. You have the room to discover yourself

Living alone gives time to think about you. It is difficult to adjust in the initial period. Once you settled the lesson learned will guide you.

5. Unlimited privacy

No one can listen to your mobile conversations and you don’t have to worry about that.

6. You have peace all day

Coming back from after long work, you require peace and comfort. You don’t like to hear a voice.

7. Order delivery at any time

You can eat at any time without a company. So, order delivery when you feel cravings early morning.

8. Decorate the room as per your liking

You don’t have to consult your mate about how to decorate the room. The choice is yours and final.

9. You’re in total control

You are in total control of the way you’re living habits and living style.

10. You have to pay the utility bill

This is one of the big disadvantages of staying alone. The power bill once shared has to be paid by you.

Hope you understood the importance of staying alone. Though it has merits and demerits both, so weigh the options before thinking of living alone. It totally depends upon you!

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