Top 6 Reasons To Go Vegetarian Right From Today

I am a vegetarian! At parties and get-togethers, people often ask why I am still a vegetarian while most of Brahmins eat non-veg food. Well, my reason for being a vegetarian has nothing to do with my religion. It’s my choice. I can’t eat animals. I know it sounds harsh but it’s the truth. But, this is just my reason. I have some logical reasons for you all too. So, if even one of you quits non-veg after reading this, I will consider myself proud in encouraging people going veg.

Top 6 Reasons To Go Vegetarian Right From Today
Top 6 Reasons To Go Vegetarian Right From Today

There are several reasons why one should go vegetarian. Here are 6 of them:

A longer life:

A study says that Vegetarians live longer when compared to the meat eaters. Isn’t that a great reason to turn vegetarian? You will just not be adding years to your life, but will also save the lives of animals.

Minimizes cardiovascular diseases:

Most of the reasons for the increasing heart risk is high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar levels and so on. Thus, vegetarians can be assured from these diseases as they have lower blood pressure in comparison to the non-vegetarians.

Weight loss:

Definitely the meat-eaters are at the verge of weight gain when compared to pure vegetarians. Opting for a vegetarian diet will a direct impact on your BMI. Your body weight has be under control for a healthy living.

Reduces risk of cancer:

Research says that meat and breast cancer has a close connectivity. Women who consume meat have nearly 4 times greater chances of getting breast cancer than the women who prefers a vegetarian diet..

Helps in cleansing process:

Cleansing and detoxifications are the only solutions to deal with toxins. If you are planning to cleanse your body, the first thing you need to follow is quit meat. Substitute it with dairy products, citrus fruits and vegetables. They have the essential vitamins and minerals to detoxify the body.

Saves money:

Do I need to mention that a vegetarian diet is far cheaper than a non-vegetarian meal. The fruits and vegetables are cheaper compared to chicken and mutton. The products made out of animal skins are equally expensive. You can save money by refraining yourself from using the animal made products.

Thus, do contribute your part by turning into a vegetarian.

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  • Ajit Choudhary

    Hi Anamika Ma’m
    Love to see this post. I am north Indian but now living in south India, but most of south peoples eat non-vez (95%+). so they all asking me to why you are not eating non-vez & finally today i got best ever reply to give my friends.
    Thanks for writing this post. i also would like to share this post on my fb timeline.
    Thanks a lot Ma’m.

  • Shaikh Noman Ahmed

    Hi anamika, Good post. I like vegetarian food a lot and i eat them not because of its benefits but for the varieties of tastes & dishes we can have with veggies. But i want you to know there are many benefits of eating Non-Veg food which many vegetarian foods didn’t have. I believe there might be no one. or very few people, in the world who are totally dependent on Non-Veg food. Its really impossible for someone to eat chicken, fish, mutton all their life.

    Thank you.

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