Regain That Long Lost Friendship This Diwali
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Regain That Long Lost Friendship This Diwali

Remember, when was the last time you and your friends had a jolly good time together until things fell apart among you? There are situations, when we forget the strong bond of friendship and nurture nothing but bitterness for the ones whom we called our best friends. Sure, things change and human beings change more but that should not come in way of friendship. Here are some bright ideas about how to regain that essence of friendship again this Diwali.

Regain That Long Lost Friendship This Diwali
Regain That Long Lost Friendship This Diwali

Regain That Long Lost Friendship This Diwali

  • Try to find out the main reason behind why you fought with your buddies. If you start inspecting the real reason, and find that you were the one who is guilty then there is nothing wrong in apologizing.
  • Keep your ego aside when it comes to friendship. Whether it is your fault or not, make sure you talk to your friend about the quarrel and sort out the problem. This is a sure shot way to happiness.
  • No matter how loud the other person is in abusing you, keep yourself calm. This will in turn motivate the other person to keep a polite tone and share their own perspective with you.
  • When discussion becomes serious and is on the verge of a quarrel, try to make it lighter by cracking jokes. However, try not to be offensive as you may not know what hurts the other person.
  • Keep this in mind that both of you should take steps to come closer to each other. No matter what, attempt discussing the matter with your once best buddy. Things will eventually fall into their right places

Do not even imagine that the enmity that had been nurtured by both of you will get solved overnight. Make it a habit to be patient and gradually, the bond of friendship will again bloom.

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