Reasons NOT To Hire Someone Even If They Are Qualified

There are so many qualified person and we look for the apt candidate to fit the job role. If you hire a wrong candidate you will not only be losing your time but might lose your client as well.  You will have to waste time in training the candidate and again search for a new one.

But there are times when we find the right skilled candidate and still think twice to hire them. Yes, it happens. Research says that you should keep a hold before handing over the offer letter even before if you have found out the right one.

Reasons NOT To Hire Someone Even If They Are Qualified
Reasons NOT To Hire Someone Even If They Are Qualified | image:tumblr

The first thing that you should check is the listening skill. If the candidate interrupts you and is in a hurry to answer, you must keep a hold on the candidature. Such people are bad listeners and they may not be productive.

When you ask them about the reasons why they have left the previous company and if they bitch about their managers and company, you never know if you are next in the list. There is no guarantee that the candidate will not bitch about you and your firm once he or she quits.

When you ask about a particular skill or any particular question and if the candidate gives a random answer and is trying to cover up, it is a clue that you  should stop considering the person for the role.

You must also check the patience of your would-be employee. Call the interviewer at a fixed time and attend him after an hour or so. Check the patience of the candidate

Try out these things and let us know if it helped you to find the perfect candidate for your role.

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