The whole world knows about Steve Jobs and his products are demanded widely. Who wouldn’t love to use Apple watches? I am sure all of us have a desire to possess this brand. Though all the products are slightly expensive when compared to other products in the market, yet the brand value has never come down. Can we all become like Steve Jobs? Absolutely not!

Steve Jobs Inspiring Quote
Steve Jobs Inspiring Quote | Image:quote ideas

 He was a genius in himself. He always had a value driven approach and he made sure that every process there was an improvement. With every new launch, there was an improvisation. Steve Jobs didn’t have an easy life. He was a school dropout and this didn’t shatter him. He knew he was meant for larger things. He started his own venture where he combined his talent and passion.

 He was a skilled professional and a great leader. He used his leadership skills to build his empire. He knew the team power and channelized his resources to run the venture. Today, Apple products has become a desire of all the segments of people. Be it iPhone, iPad or an iPod, Steve Jobs never disappointed anybody.

There were ups and downs while designing the products and marketing them. The Apple shares also fluctuated but this didn’t disappoint Steve. The flaws were rectified and the customers were given unending support. The question still lies if we can be the replica of Steve Jobs.

I still doubt if that is possible as he was just not a great entrepreneur but a humanitarian as well. He was a great philanthropist who contributed for the betterment of the society. He believed in hard work and proved it to the world that success is a journey and not a destination.No matter how successful you, you need to work hard to be at the top.

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