Important Safety Tips For Diwali

15 Important Safety Tips For Diwali

The most longed festival in India is Diwali. I love this festival of lights and sweets. It is the time for family get-together and spread love. But, the festival can be dangerous if proper care is not taken. Therefore, I am sharing a list of safety tips for Diwali. Read this and share it with the ones you care for!

Important Safety Tips For Diwali
Important Safety Tips For Diwali |

Here are 15 safety tips for Diwali that you must follow:

  • It is always better to buy crackers from a branded shop or factory. Once you have bought the crackers, keep it in a closed box. Do not leave here and there as any mishap can occur.
  • Make sure that the crackers do not reach in the hands of the toddlers.
  • Never burst the crackers inside the house. You must go to the open space and burst it.
  • Do not be very close to the cracker. Just be an arm’s length away from the crackers.
  • Once you have used the crackers discard them in a bucket of water, especially phooljhari and anaar.
  • Always weak a footwear while you are the lighting the fireworks.
  • Many people are so occupied in the celebration such that they completely ignore their vehicle. Make sure that you park your vehicle in the garage and not in any open place.
  • Always be in a group so that all the safety measures are taken and in case of any mishaps you will immediately be rendered help.
  • Keep a bucket of water ready so that the fire can be controlled.
  • Never throw the fireworks on road as people might be passing.
  • If you have kids, make sure that they are away from crackers.
  • Keep the diyas away from wires and clothes
  • Never burst crackers near wires or poles on the road.
  • Do not burst the crackers in your hand. This is one practice that people of all age group must avoid.
  • Don’t push-play your friends, cousins when a cracker is lit. This kind of masti can be dangerous!

A little carelessness can turn your festival into a disaster. Hence, do remember these tips and do take care!

Enjoy Diwali 🙂

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