How To Work In A Busy Festive Season?

You might have been that employee who believes in helping others but what about your own projects and career? Can you leave your work and be a mentor to others? No! What do you do when you have a peak season and you need to finish your work? Or maybe you work from home and now as it’s a festive season, (and as, you are your own boss) you can’t stop work because it’s important. And off course, relatives and friends keep visiting you, making it hard for you to find time to work!

How To Work In A Busy Festive Season?
How To Work In A Busy Festive Season? | image:tumblr

Here are 3 tips that will help you!

Learn to say a no politely:

When you have too many requests coming from peers and managers to work on a particular report or a project, you cannot be taking all of them. Think about your ROI and take only tasks that can help you to learn something new. Do not be rude while saying no. Just be polite and decline it.

Be cool:

You know you have loads of work and there is no point in losing your cool. You must drink lots of water and make sure that you do not lose your cool. Once you lose your cool it might affect your work. You must accept that you have loads of work and try to divide it in slot and keep a check on your work.

Be flexible:

There are times when you would have set time for client meetings, report generating, training people and so on. But sometimes you need to alter your plans as things might come last moment. I know it is difficult to change the plans last minute but sometimes you need to be sportive enough to accept things as it comes. There might be some emergencies. You might fall sick, your team might be changed and so on.

Thus, do try these things when you have a hectic schedule or are overloaded with work. They might help you out.

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